Life deserves to be lived peacefully, at home, at work and in the professions.


Our vision is to provide customers with the best possible advice in order to help them achieve the business results they aspire to

How we work: our MISSION

Our approach is made up of competence, ideas, intuited in a perspective of "integral management" of issues related to safety, environment, engineering, business organization and training. We aim to be the trusted interlocutor of
our customers and to be the always reliable reference for solving problems and seizing opportunities for growth.

Our Team

Our employees are chosen for seriousness, professionalism and ability to work synergistically in a team that aims at continuous updating, innovation and achieving maximum effectiveness of the solutions proposed in all the
topics covered. Our business is founded on these essential values

What distinguishes us from "others"

We are a composite team, with different specializations and experiences; this allows us a very varied and effective approach. We are "artisans", our services are tailor-made for each client and carried out in a workmanlike manner. We are flexible and able to meet every customer need, but we never derogate at the expense of the quality and integrity of our work. All our employees are characterized by a strong sense of loyalty to customers and the company. Another guarantee of professionalism is our management system and the Quality certification according to ISO 9001: 2015.

Basic and specialist courses related to health and safety at work.
Management courses, business organization, coaching.

Personalized financed plans

Our team is able to offer you the following services:

  • Risk assessment services, including instrumental ones
  • Assignments as external RSPP
  • Assistance services in the event of disputes and expert reports


  • Environmental impact assessments and specific instrumental assessments (air, water, waste, noise, electromagnetic fields);
  • Authorization procedures;
  • Waste advice through our "waste management suite"


  • Technical design (fire prevention, life lines, suction plants, water collection, etc.). Construction management (works management, health & safety coordination)
  • CE marking of machines and equipment, technical appraisals


  • Consulting aimed at obtaining certifications in the areas of: Quality,
  • Health & Safety, Environment, Food safety, Information security,
  • Integrated management systems.


  • HACCP self-control plans,
  • MOCA Labeling and Certification Consultancy,
  • Certifications for Food Safety,
  • GMP Standards (BRC IFS, etc.)
  • Export Certification (FDA)